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Halvor Lande, CEO

Predicts doubling of customers during the year


Aprila aims to increase its customer base to 30,000 in five years and wants to take the concept to other countries

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Aprila Bank cuts interest rates on overdraft facilities and provides analysis tools


Aprila Bank organizes the webinar "What is available from Government Crisis Packages for businesses NOW, what's coming, and how can your company get access to these?"

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This is how we keep the wheels turning


Paradoxically, the logic path right now is embracing the same strategy as the coronavirus; to launch something that can spread quickly - and to many.

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Photo:  Vidar Nordli-Mathisen

The government's corona measures are not enough for small businesses and entrepreneurs


This is how Aprila Bank can help your business through the corona crisis

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Government crisis support for small businesses


Over the past week, the government has issued parts of a crisis package aimed at limiting the financial loss experienced by several industries as a result of the corona pandemic. The crisis package is about the everyday life of the Norwegian people, about securing jobs and secure the future.

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Aprila Spot Factoring launched in Visma eAccounting


Aprila increases customer reach to 95,000 SMBs

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Credit Line for SMBs launched in Tripletex


For the first time, a credit line is available inside an online accounting system

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Launch of first direct-to-customer product


Credit Line offered directly to customers on kassekreditt.no

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Photo: NTB

2018 - The partner strategy is launched together with Tripletex


Aprila launches financing integrated in Tripletex

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Photo: Shifter

2017 - Banking license and successful share issue


We received the banking license!

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